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Creepy Hollows Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses - Hell's Gate Bridge

Hells Gate

What's the tale? This bridge hosts the legend that if you walk to the middle of the bridge and turn around the road will look like the fiery gates of Hell. The legend began when a couple lost their lives on the bridge. Their car burst over the bridge to their watery grave below. It is said if you go onto the bridge at night, turn off your headlights and wait one of the couple will enter your car leaving a soaking seat behind!

What do we know as fact? The bridge exists. Really, that is about it.

Thoughts: There seems to be two completely different stories related to this bridge. First is if you stand in the middle of the bridge and turn around you'll see the fiery gates of hell. Why hell would choose this location is unsure, perhaps low taxes. Second is the story that a couple met their death after driving off the bridge in their car. The time frame varies depending on who is telling the story, anywhere between the 1930s-1970s. There doesn't seem to be any confirmed death(s) on this bridge. And in a third version of the story the bridge became the gateway to hell after the couple met their death.

The Oxford Paranormal Society investigated this bridge in their hometown, see their notes.