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Creepy Hollows Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses - Belleville


What's the tale? For many of us it is a horrific nightmare that we can hardly imagine coming true but for one Illinois resident it wasn't a dream at all. She had been sick for some time and one morning her husband found her "dead". A visit from the local doctor confirmed the "death" after a simple examination. Had they tried to embalm her the following events would have never happened. She was buried promptly and the night of her funeral grave robbers came to see if the newly deceased woman was buried with any valuables. They pried the lid off her coffin and one of the robbers tried to coax her ruby ring from her finger. When they couldn't budge the valuable he decided to cut her finger off to take the ring with him. As the blade sliced through her flesh her arm shook and a second later she was sitting straight up. Her eyes popped open and the pair of grave robbers screamed and fled the cemetery. The "dead" woman made her way home to the gasps and shock of her family. She told them she was aware of everything going on around her... she heard the doctor, the funeral and knew she'd been buried alive but couldn't speak or move. It was the pain of the knife that snapped her into recovery of her faculties!

What do we know as fact? Very little. The story lacks names, exact location and time.

Thoughts: It is rated "undecided" because we don't know whether or not it is true. Of course it is everyone's worst nightmare and it has happened to who knows how many people before "modern medicine". I'm sure many people who simply lapsed into comas were mistaken for dead and buried alive. It's a horrific and disgusting thought but we all know it happened by mistake or on purpose. For that reason it remains "undecided" until more facts can be given either way.