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Ranking- White, Dark, Grey


You will find most practitioners and believers have their own ranking system when it comes to placing spirits, entities or magic into the three pigeon holes of "White", "Dark" or "Grey". These three terms are the only industry standards, apart from these the avenues & criteria by which the paranormal fits into them are different.

Technically anything that has the ability to choose right or wrong is Dark Arts because it has the ability to choose to do wrong. This obviously includes human beings. However, you will find often that the term "Grey" is used to describe the Dark Arts entities that have the capability of choosing to do wrong but never or seldom do. This is the method we've chosen in ranking spirits in the Encyclopedia on our 3-part scale.

It is always important for you to understand what kind of spirit you are welcoming into your home. If you are unsure you should ask the practitioner or seller from whom you are collecting. The scale ranking on our site should only be used as a guide because even within some races, like Vampires or Djinn, there can be extremes from white to dark.

Most practitioners rank spirits, like Angels, who are capable of attack & retribution as white because they only act in defense and do not cause dischord for the sake of doing it. White Arts spirits who can provide protection, avenge wrongs and fight back are considered White because they do not decide to do something wrong just to do it.

Dark Arts or Grey spirits can be in a bad mood and decide to do something annoying or play pranks but you'll find most ranked in the Grey category are truly good the majority of the time and that is why many collectors find them to be good companions.

A ranking of white means the spirit is good, positive, has an uplifting & kind energy associated with it.
A ranking of white means the magic, spell or enchantment is of a positive, white light origin.

A ranking of grey means that is like a human; capable of good and bad. They will likely choose good but can experience ups & downs in mood & energy just like us.
A ranking of grey means the magic, spell or enchantment is a balance of white & dark magic and is a neutral force.

A ranking of black means it will typcially choose evil, wrongdoing or to act out against its Keeper or anyone else around them.
A ranking of black means the magic, spell or enchantment is of black or dark origin.